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Rosuiki is a Japanese company providing various customers, (mainly pharmaceutical companies), with WFI (Water For Injection) manufacturing facilities.
Rosuiki focuses on providing its customers with ceramic filters and products of pure water making backed up by consistent high quality and continuous technical improvement.
Rosuiki produces an original ceramic filter and several types of filtration machines, too.
The ceramic filter named "CERAPOA" is made of diatom earth, and it is categorized as a soft ceramic filter. The soft ceramic filter features its repeated-use and contributes to economic efficiency.
CERAPOA is used for years in Enzyme, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food industries,etc.
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  • Portable Filtration Machine
  • S-series

Pick Up NEWS
At World Future Energy Summit, in 2011, the Bangladesh Premier came to our booth and observed our demonstration of "Portable Filtration Machine"
And the local press reported this news.