CERAPOA~Ecological Filter~

CERAPOA keeps high filtration performance and can be used repeatedly.

Filtration mechanism of CERAPOA is based on "Layer Filtration" and it keeps high filtration performance.
When the surface of CERAPOA becomes dirty, CERAPOA can be cleaned by brushing.
So, CERAPOA can be used repeatedly. This feature contributes to decreasing of running cost.

CERAPOA is made from natural diatomite.

Used CERAPOA can be returned to the EARTH.The natural diatomite is insoluble-inorganic material and no smell penetrates the filtered liquid.

Diatomite, safe and easy to handle material
The diatomite becomes CERAPOA by baking treatment under special condition. It is made from natural diatomite, and environmentally-friendly at it is returnable to the earth.
No “ WASTE ” But “ GRIND ”
Contrary to ordinary filter which has to be replaced with a new one after use, CERAPOA can be used repeatedly by grinding/brushing, leading to reduced running cost and waste.
  • Filter mechanism
    Filtering mechanism
  • Brushing system
    Brushing system
Long Lasting Performance by Brushing
Water is taken into CERAPOA from outside and filtered.
Eliminated dirt and bacteria causes clogging on the surface of CERAPOA
However, brushing system lets CERAPOA last long by discharging / eliminating dirt and bacteria.


CERAMAC was born in the way of our product development process. CERAMAC has uniform pores made by our way of forming and burning. So the filter aid can form the uniform precoat layer. The precoat layer can be removed the surface of CERAMAC easily by reverse cleaning. And the filter aid doesn't stay behind inside the pores of CERAMAC as it is highly insoluble. Therefore, CERAMAC is well used for food–processing, purification of chemicals, and microfiltration for viscous solutions.

Portable Filtration Machine

This device makes pure water by filtration of unclean water in the time of disaster such as earthquake. In case of discontinued water supply under some catastrophe, we can secure drinking water from accessible water source. Most of water source is contaminated with dirt, algae, and bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary for us to conduct water purification up to drinking water level. Of course, water filtration machine is not only for the time of disaster but also for the time of ordinary life. You can use it for various places such as, well public health center, restaurant, etc.

  • Portable Filtration Machine
  • Repeated use by brushing mechanism
  • High level filtration performance of bacteria elimination
  • Can be used at performance anytime-anywhere

S-series~Micro Ceramic Filter~

“S-series” has advantage for high- level filtering.

"S-series" can make higher filtering performance with great economic efficiency, safety and user-friendliness. And it is easy for S-series to have a heat –sterilization process.

Brief Summary / Features

  • The product is designed based on the concept most useful for the characteristics of CERAPOA.
  • When the surface of CERAPOA is clogged with dirt, a brushing system starts automatically inside the product. So, CERAPOA makes a recovery and keeps high quality of filtering performance.
  • The product has various uses: pretreatment of membrane device, filtration of pure water of soft drink water, etc.
  • The product shows high performance in case of sterile filtration and microfiltration of solutions that need biological controls especially for enzyme and antibacterial agent.
  • As automatic brushing system makes a recovery of filtration performance many times, the filter of CERAPOA keeps good filtration performance and makes economic efficiency.
  • We can make a system of sterilization with heated water or chemicals easily.

  • S-83
  • S-86

Automatic brushing function

  • A cleaning brush set in the center of 6 CERAPOA (1set consists of 6 CERAPOAs.) moves by gear motor and cleans up CERAPOA.
  • Then both CERAPOA and a cleaning brush turn around in the same direction with rotation differences, so the cleaning efficiency increases more.
  • The duration of brushing is 100-200 seconds per one brushing process.
  • When you take a brushing process once a day, CERAPOA will keep high quality about 100-200 days. (It is data that we tested under the condition of 20℃ YOCOHAMA city water.)